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TU Series - square drive torque wrench TU Series
The World's Most Robust Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench
The body of the TU Series, milled from a solid piece of aluminum, is typically TorcUP - very clean with a smooth radius. With key TorcUP design characteristics including the distinctive engraved shroud, independent multi-axis swivels and signature internal reaction arm splines, it truly is the fastest, smallest, lightest, and most robust square drive tool ever produced. Whether in a Steel Mill, on an Offshore Drill Platform or Diving to the Ocean Bottom, the TorcUP TU Series will OUT PERFORM every other method of tightening threaded fasteners.
TX Series - low clearance hydraulic torque wrench TX Series
The World's Most Innovative Low Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench
While we hate to admit it, sometimes size does matter. The TorcUP TX. Unrivaled design. Unbelievable reliability. Uncommon features like the patented "peanut-shaped" piston, inline reaction pad, and flat design from cylinder to link. Easy to find in any tool room. Sized to fit. We have the largest stock inventory of the TX line, more than any other competitor in the world. In fact, we have more stock than a few of those competitors combined.
RP Series - pneumatic torque wrench RP Series
The New Hi-Speed Pneumatic Torque Wrench
TorcUP introduces the RAPTOR series of industrial pneumatic torque wrenches. This new line provides continuous and repeatable torque with an accuracy of +/- 5%. The RAPTOR series has the fastest speed when it counts, which is during actual torque and not only during free nut run down! The RAPTOR series ranges in torque from 120 Ft/Lbs to 6,000 Ft/Lbs and Free Speeds of up to 45 RPM.
EP/AP Series - pumps EP/AP Series
Providing the power for your Torque Wrenches
The TorcUP EP and AP Series Power Packs are engineered with the end user in mind. The EP Electric Pumps and AP Air Pumps are manufactured to withstand harsh environments and heavy duty applications. Each pump comes complete with a 15' Twin Line Hydraulic Hose and 15' Remote Pendant. Custom lengths available. By setting the calibrated gauge to the desired PSI/Bar, you can ensure the proper torque output each and every time. Whether running 1 tool or 4, the EP and AP Series Pumps are the power behind the TorcUP Product Line.
Accessories Accessories
All the Accessories to compliment the torcUP Tool Range
The torcUP accessories range is designed to work perfectly alongside the main torcUP tool range. Choose from the backUP Wrench, TFS Series Flange Spreaders, Nut Splitters, Ultrasonic Controllers, Impact Sockets and Turbine Tooling products. If you need it, we have it.